Superdry Retail Clothing Stores

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Retail Store Fixture Installation Project

On August 10th, 2015 the retail clothing store chain (Superdry) needed to swap out its old retail fixtures and replace with a line of new retail fixtures.  The new line of fixtures involved the assembly and installation of 12ft. by 20 ft. display cabinets, tables, new closing racks and various hardware.

With (2) of their retail stores located in New York and (1) retail store located in New Jersey. The Superdry company required a company that can work in all locations.

Scope of Superdry Installation Project

All removal of existing fixtures and the installation of new fixtures and cabinets would have to be done after store hours. So with a floor plan and fixture product catalog in hand Tri-State Installation’s installers  went to work completing each installation for each store in one night.  All work was completed above and beyond Superdry’s expectations.  Not only did we perform all work that was contracted for us to do we did things that we were NOT contracted to do. i.e. spackle, paint walls, remove lighting fixtures, move cashwraps, hang decorative mirrors and art work, and rewire electronic equipment. All work that would have required the hiring of additional tradesmen was done by Tri-State Installation.