Starbucks New York Overhaul

Posted on January 15, 2020 -

120 Starbucks stores in NYC

Our company prides itself in our great service and customer relations. So when Starbucks’ Rep At I3 contacted us we worked quick to get everything rolling.

We were able to streamlined a system with one carpenter and a plumber To be able to complete on store every night. Sometimes we even managed to do two in a night. We ensure that each store is minimally affected. So they needed to be able to resume normal operations the next morning. People need their coffee. The first thing we did in each and every store was to protect all the surfaces that could get dusty.

The main goal of the project was to give them a few upgrades. In order to achieve that, we start with Demo. We got rid of the cabinets and tops that needed refitting. Then we install a new high powered glass cleaner in the sink basin. We had our team run all new pipe to each water supply. Then we move to the Nitro cold brew system.

Nitro System

We dedicated our team on installing the new taps and hardware required for a delicious Nitro Cold brew. So to do that our team opened up the counters for the New tab and installed the Nitrous below for seamless usability. You can see below a few examples of the nitro tab and the new high efficiency Cleaner . Also you can see the carafes that the coffee for the nitro stored and organised in an easy access location for the Starbucks team.

We completed all these stores on schedule. Our team worked trough all the stores installing the new fixtures, cold brew and nitro systems with efficiency and ease Be sure to stay up to date on all of our projects on our Site by going to the Portfolios page. Also stay up to date with our continuing work with Starbucks this Coming Year!