Sleep Number, Melville Remodel

Posted on January 8, 2020 -

Remodel of the Sleep Number stores is a great project. Sleep Number has a secondary store that they want done in New York.

Demo, Flooring, and Protecting

With us having one store under our belt, we handle the task with ease. We arrived in Melville Sunday Night. Our flooring crew and demo crew rock through the work. We Close out the Night with the floor installed. The old fixtures are trashed. And the beds are fully protected and reset for customers.

Blocking and Shelving Install

On Monday morning our remodel team is well prepared to begin. We work on the walls and the new Shelving units. We opened up the walls and began installing structural support blocking for the Shelving units. After we Closed up the walls our Painter prepped the surfaces for a clean paint. Then it was a simple matter of putting the french cleats on the wall and hanging thew shelving units. We closed out Tuesday With a half Complete store. Way ahead of Schedule!

Laminate, Ifit Canopy, Headboards and Paint

Next on our list is the Canopy that Goes over the I10 Sleep Number Bed. Our Team easily finishes the canopy in the first half of the Day. After that the team focuses on Putting in the Graphics, The Displays and the new headboard assembly. Once all that was complete, our Painter final coats the walls.

Thursday Punch

Finally we arrive at Thursday, all the work was complete. Except for a single Graphic, which we installed first thing in the Morning. We did our Final Walk through with the Team. As a Result everyone signed off and we completed the job 2 Days ahead of schedule! Check out our Remodel In Yonkers to see how we rapidly learned and adjusted to increase our working speed and quality!